Support Chris Hall For Collier County Commissioner District 2

Who Am I?

Hello, my name is Chris Hall and I’m running for Collier County Commissioner District 2.

I’m not a politician, I’m a Christian and a businessman. I’m not religious, I have a relationship. I know what it’s like to live by faith! It’s the way I live. I’m a husband of 35 yrs, father of two boys and a Big Daddy to 7 grandchildren.

I’m a survivor and overcomer. I had an airplane crash due to a faulty fuel pump 8 years ago and because of the miracle, I knew I had a purpose and a destiny that was wasn’t fulfilled yet.

I have sold my real estate businesses, and have the time and passion required to serve Collier County with full vigor.

I’m a Republican in the sense of the difference between a democracy and a republic. In a democracy, the majority rules, in a republic, people are represented and their voices heard. I’m not of the establishment, I’m not politically correct. I’m for what is right, because it’s right. I’m for common sense. I’m a culture wrecker. Jesus was a culture wrecker!

I’m a fighter. I will fight with gritted teeth for the natural rights given to us by our creator. That all men are created equal, among the natural rights are Life, Liberty and property.

I understand the difference between Liberty and Freedom… Thus liberty entails the responsible use of freedom under the rule of law without depriving anyone else of their freedom. Freedom is more broad in that it represents a total lack of restraint or the unrestrained ability to fulfill one’s desires.

I’m a leader, leaders lead! I will say the funny things, I will say the truthful things, I will say the hard things, I will say the unpopular things and I will say what YOU say.

I’m all about real voter integrity. Every citizen should not have to doubt if their vote is gonna count. Your vote is sacred and should be treated as such. It was paid for with blood, lives, and fortunes. It’s important to me that Collier County has comprehensive voter ID and paper ballots that cannot be manipulated.

Lastly, I’m a full time, bonafide, voting Florida resident but I’m also a Texan. So instead of “Remember the Alamo” my battle cry is ”Remember the mandate”!

Thank you for your time and God Bless Collier County.


1984 graduate Texas A&M


Married to Dot Hall 36 years, father of 2 boys and daughter in loves, and a “Big Daddy” to 7 grandchildren


Real Estate Investors since 2000


30 plus years of entrepreneurship and church leadership


Life Languages International Certified Coach


Trainer and and minister of Restoring The Foundations Ministry for 6 years


Member of Grow Church in Naples


Sold businesses in 2020 and have time and passion to serve Collier County

If the people of Collier County want
want a voice and someone to fight for their Liberty
If the people of Collier County want
want to lessen government control and overreach
If the people of Collier County want
want someone with Common Sense
If the people of Collier County want
want leadership that believes What’s right is right and What’s wrong is wrong
If the people of Collier County want
want confidence of Their vote and complete election integrity

Then the people of
Collier County want

Chris Hall

for commissioner Dist 2
For Liberty and Justice with Hall